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A huge arms and ammunition seized from Burma-Bangladesh border

Cox’s Bazar, Feb 24
: After two men from Arakan Army were arrested by Bangladesh Army last week, the Bangladesh security forces recovered a huge arms and ammunitions from Burma- Bangladesh border.

According to our Cox’s Bazar correspondent, among the arms and ammunitions recovered are seven 79 rifles, five guns, 12 boxes of bullets and 1 mortar shell during the drives in different areas of Bangladesh- Burma border on 23rd February.

The recovery of M 79 rifle was first ever in the Bangladesh but the authority has not disclosed to whom those arms belong.

The Bangladesh security force also seized an M 16 rifle with 6 bullets from the same area before the day of this seizure.

In the operations last year from August to December by Bangladesh security forces seized considerable amounts of arms including anti-tank mines, anti-personnel mines, ingredients for making explosives, M 16, M 79 and AK- 47 rifles.

These recovered arms and ammunitions are believed to be possessed by Arakan rebel groups from Burma, said local people.

Recently arrested two people are Major U Soe and Captain Maung Maung Than of Arakan Army lead by Kra Pru Aung, a leader of a faction deviated from National United Party of Arakan(NUPA), it is learnt. #

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