Narinjara News

Thandwe, March 8: The Thandwe based Military Intelligence (MI) Division (10) is demanding funds from the dry-fish transport boats belonging to Non-Governmental Organizations, which are all founded and organized with the blessing of the Junta.

For the funds of the Myanmar Mother and Child Welfare Association, Myanmar Woman Affairs federation and, Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA), the MI agents are asking for "donations" of 5,000 kyat for a small boat and 10,000 kyat for a larger boat.

A mortar boat owner from Thandwe, preferring anonymity, said, "If the boat owner refuses to pay, the boat would not be signed in the port logbook" .

This could lead to being accused of engaging in "illegal" activities, such as doing smuggling with neighboring countries. A boat cannot start its journey without signing in the logbook either.

Since Thandwe's produced dried Nga Nee Duu fish is doing well in both domestic and export markets, the MI is targeting the dried fish transporting boats.

Thandwe mainly sells the dry fishes of Nga Nee Duu and Nga Koune Nyo to Sittwe (Akyab), the capital of Arakan state and Rangoon, the capital of Burma, the boat owner added.