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Monastery is Destroyed, and Villagers are Fined

Sittwe, March 12:
The Monastery of Kan Pyan Rawr Haung, in Sittwe Township, Arakan State, has been destroyed in accordance with the order of General Maung Oo, the President of the Arakan State Peace and Development Council, the State Level Junta, according to our correspondent.

Maung Oo ordered the local authority to charge the Village Peace and Development Secretary Maung Sein Nyunt and Monastery Treasurer Maung Ba Khin - both led the building of the Monastery - with destroying the rice field. 

The two were sentenced for a day of imprisonment and 2,000 kyat each in accordance with the 1951 Rice Field Act.

The villagers had resisted the Commanderís order to destroy the Monastery initially, but finally gave in to fear and pressure of official sanctions. 

The Monastery was built in 2003 in the rice field donated by a villager to the village monk, U Thu Nanda, and it has the permission of the Township Sangha Nayaka (the Monk Order) and the Department of Religious Affairs.

Since his monastery is destroyed, the monk has to stay at a lay-house in the village.

Maung Oo has ordered the destruction of a Muslim Mosque in Sittwe before, but later had to rebuild that Mosque when the Muslim leaders complained to General Khin Nyunt, one of the three most powerful Generals of the Junta. #

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