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Four Refugee Women Raped


Cox’s Bazar March 14: Four refugee women from the temporary Teknaf Rohingya Muslim Refugee Camp were raped on the 24th of February according to the Cox’s Bazar daily The Dialy Bakhail.


On the 26th and 29th, the publications of the daily, reported that around midnight of the 24th of February, the refugees from the camp and the locals got into a brawl and unknown people invaded the camp and raped the women.


Narinjara learned that the camp is not one of those set up by the UNHCR and Bangladeshi government, but a temporary camp set up by the local authority. 


The local people said that participants of a card game being played in the camp started the brawl, and that it resulted in (20) huts being destroyed and four women being raped.


The local paramilitary used to provide security for the camp, but since they pulled out there are many illegal activities such as drug dealing and gambling taking place at the camp. 


The camp has been a headache not just for the local authority, but also for the Bangladeshi government. 


The camp was built three years ago to temporarily house those who are not recognised as refugees.  Initially there were (6,000) but currently there are about (10,000) people living in the camp. #