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Bangladesh Security Force seizes fertilizer being smuggled to Burma


Cox’s Bazar, March 15:  Bangladesh Bangladesh Defense Rifle( BDR)  intercepted a boat carrying 5,000 bags of fertilizer that were being smuggling into Burma on the 21st of February. 


The boat was captured near the coast, close to the border town of Okia, while it was on its way to Burma from Chittagong, according to an official at the border town.


The boat was traversing at night time towards Burma, but it ran ashore in the dark.


The fertilizer haul is worth about 1.5 million taka (22.5 million Burmese kyat). 


Okia police spokesperson said that this was the fifth time that fertilizer smugglers were apprehended in the Okia Township over the last month.


There are six fertilizer-producing factories in Bangladesh and they manage to meet the domestic demand.  However, since there is a big fertilizer smuggling trade booming in Burma, fertilizer is short of supply not only in the border regions, but in the whole of Bangladesh. #