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Illegal money deposited by SPDC’s military personnel in Arakan with U-Pai Bank Limited

Sittwe, March 24:  Military personnel which were posted in Arakan State of Burma have made lots of money from Arakanese people in various illegal ways, such as bribes, tolls and subscriptions.

This money have been deposited in U-Pai Bank Limited. U-Pai Bank Ltd has been established by the SPDC military government specifically to run the banking affairs of the military people.

Arakan is politically one of the most trouble shooting states.  In the backdrop of political turmoil, armed forces have been heavily deployed.  Everything from development works down to small business is under the control of the army.  In these circumstances army personnel have been making money according to their rank and file.

From a reliable source we received a list of money and owners of the accounts with U-Pai Bank Ltd.  To give knowledge to the people at home and abroad about the accounts of the army personnel with the bank. We include the table below:

(1)Kyat 3875000 by Lt. Colonel Aung Thein of LIB 346 stationed at
Taung Gauk Township
(2)Kyat 5700000 by Lt. Colonel Htun Than of LIB 371 stationed at
Ann Township
(3) Kyat 5400000 by Lt . Colonel Nyo Oo of LIB 372,
Ann Township
(4) Kyat 3900000 by Lt . Colonel Kyaw Zaw of LIB 373, Ann Town ship
(5) Kyat 3200000 by Lt . Colonel Myint Than  of LIB 542,
Kyuk Pru Township
(6) Kyat 6000000 by Lt . Colonel Aung Kyaw Oo of LIB 543,
Kyuk Pru Township
(7) Kyat 4000000 by Lt . Colonel Khin Win  of LIB 544,
Taung Gauk Township
(8) Kyat 6400000 by Lt . Colonel Zaw Myint Than of LIB 562,
Gwa Township
(9) Kyat 4900000 by Lt . Colonel Hla Min of LIB 563, Gwa Township
(10) Kyat 2600000 by Lt. Colonel of LIB 566, Gwa Township
(11) Kyat 13000000 by Brigadier General Kyi Thein of Sa Ka Kha (5), Ann Township 

The above 10 battalions are under the Cha-Ka-Kha (5), Operation Planning and Control Headquarters , Ann Township and another Cha-Ka-Kha (15) stationed at Buthidaung, which have deposited kyat 75445000 and MI(18) has deposited kyat 20 million with U-Pai Bank Ltd.

At present all kinds of business are in the hands of army personnel, such as:  transportation, logging, fisheries and shrimp culture and many other lucrative businesses.  They are sucking the white blood of Arakanese people.  What is worse, is that the respective divisions of the army have been encouraged to extract more money from the people by raising their ranks and positions so that they can bank money with U-Pai Bank Limited.

Arakan people have now become a target from whom money can be easily collected. Army personnel are placing high rate leases on streams, rivers, water reservoirs, even small water courses, small bazaars, markets and ferry points.  This is being done even in the remote region of Arakan province, so as to collect huge amounts of illegal money.  This money can then be deposited in the bank to obtain the favour of higher authorities.  In this situation, the people of Arakan, especially those who dwell in remote areas have to undergo indescribable sufferings. #