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 Two Burmese nationals held in Bangladesh


Dhaka, March 26: Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) yesterday arrested two Burmese nationals from Baulibazar of Thanchi Township, opposite of Kyuk Taw Township of Burma , according to yesterday’s The Daily Star.


On receiving information that a gang of criminals equipped with heavy firearms entered Sualock area crossing the Shangu River, the BDR cordoned off the area Tuesday night.


On suspicion, the BDR challenged Hla Tun and U Tha Sein and arrested them after recovering some Burmese and Bangladeshi currency from them yesterday.


The BDR handed them over to police for interrogation without any firearms as they might receive false information.


Meanwhile, indigenous people of Tarachha, Baghmara, Sualock and traders of Ruma Bazar received letters demanding toll from extortionists.


Sources said criminals, having been paid ransom after the abduction of hotelier Hasan Mahmud Bablu last month, have become desperate. The criminals are now trying to establish supremacy in the area, they added.


For many years the Bandarban districts has been popular with the traders hawking  in clothes, calendars and some other Burmese herbal medicines  crossing the border.


In the back drop of law and orders turmoil situation, the security has been made tighter than before. In that, many innocent Arakanese who entered the area fleeing from Burma to avoid political torturing could caught up in the dragging net of security forces, who are leading a peaceful life raising a family. #