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Akyab- Myuk Oo steamer's passengers in trouble

Akyab(Sittwe), March 29
: One of the line steamers operating between Akyab and Mrauk Oo's passengers have to pay extra money because the steamer gives preference to police, which leaves little space for an everyday citizen.
According to passengers, the original fair from Akyab to Mrauk Oo is 700 kyat per ticket, but they have to pay an extra 500 kyat for a seat. The police and crew of the steamer get first preference for the passenger seats, and they only have to pay 500 kyats for a seat, which means that ordinary citizens have to pay more.

Those who cannot afford to pay for a seat, must stand on the steamers for 6 hours all the way between Akyab and Mrauk Oo.

“It is natural, as the government employees cannot survive of their salary, they have to earn extra money. But the money they are collecting in this way places pressure on the people not on the government, ultimately people suffer the most,”said a school teacher.

The same teacher added that, “Like us, government employees get paid a salary that is just enough to buy a bag of rice (50kg). Teachers who cannot collect tuition fees have to under go extra work for money .

As the government employee can not go far with their salary they have to earn extra money in illegal ways, such as selling seats of the government owned passengers steamers.

On the other hand, the relevant authority also turns a blind eye to this type of illegal act instead of taking action, because of sympathy towards fellow government employees, said a restaurant owner.

This seat selling system does not affect so much the well-to-do travelers, but the consequences are severe for the poor passengers coming and going to and from remote rural areas with limited money. #