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Bangladesh-Burma Highway Joint Construction


Dhaka, March 30: The cost to construct the highway between Ukhia in Bangladesh and Moungdaw in Burma is valued at4000 million Taka is only being started now.


According to the Bangle newspaper Prothom Alo on 4 March, When the highway construction is completed, it will not only connect the highway that is linking Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh and Maungdaw in Burma but also become one of the most important infrastructural links between the two countries. This road will also help improve international tourism.


Shajahan Tudhuri, a Bangladeshi, said that the road would ensure economical development and speed up communications and trade, which will strengthen the close friendship between the two countries.


According to certain information, a board of joint construction will be set up, and will consist of members from both countries which will maintain the highway construction. The board will contain 18 members of each country. Bangladesh's Foreign Minister, Barrister Nazmul Huda said in parliament that the highway construction and the survey work are also being agreed to by the government of Bangladesh.


Burmese Ambassador, U Thane Myint said on February 15 that his government is still wishing to continue the highway construction and that the survey work is also being agreed to by the government of Bangladesh.


In accordance with a reliable informant, the group of 18 members of Bangladesh will be led by Mr. Abaddan Uddin Ahamed and the construction should be started at the location of the border of Bangladesh,which will include a 60 metre-long bridge, (Tangbaro). The 55km long road from the bridge to Buthidaung in Burma should be built by the joint board of construction.


Thirty-six kilometers of the highway will belong to Bangladesh, while the remaining 19km will belong to Burma. #