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People Farm, the Army Funds

Minbra, April 15: The local Army authority has confiscated the public pasture of Htane Pin Village tract , Minbra, Arakan, and making money by rehiring it back to the local people.

50 acres of a plot of land was confiscated by the Min Bya Military Intelligence (10) and Sin Gri Bran based Light Infantry Division (LIB 380).

The local authority asked 30 basket  of rice for the use of an acre of the confiscated land, and the rice is collected to fund the troops, according to a farmer whose land has been confiscated.

At Htane Pin Villages, which are located near the Pan Maune creek where communities of Arakanese and Chin are living together.

The confiscated pastoral land was left unattended traditionally since it was to be used as the pasture for farm animals.  Since the confiscation, the farmers are facing great shortage of the cattle fodder.#

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