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“SPDC government provides assistance for development of Arakan state” says Prime Minister Khin Nyunt

Akyab, April 23
: Prime Minister of SPDC Government in his organizing tour to Arakan state on 10th April said that his government had been providing huge assistance for the development of Arakan state.

Prime Minister Khin Nyunt was making this comment all through his tour to Maung Daw, Kyauk Taw and Paletwa Township. This Arakan State tour was arranged soon after returning from visiting to Bangladesh.

In his speech in public meetings he said that the government of SPDC had been providing huge assistance for the development of Arakan state especially for the education, health and transport sectors.

He added that his government had constructed more than 800 bridges including 28 major bridges on the Sittwe-Rangoon high way. By the construction of road, highways and bridges the condition of people of Arakan will be improved in the near future.

But in his speech not a single word was uttered about the development of Arakan people in relation with gas discovery and selling it to India.

Further it was learnt that the junta government and foreign companies jointly would be exploiting the gas from July this year. From this gas sale junta will be benefited US$ 1 billion every year, source said.

At the present SPDC military government is showing keen interest for the development of Arakan state and have been holding organizing meetings throughout Arakan state. Reason behind such activities is only economic, said some observers.

Besides, gas exploration Arakan at present becomes key point regarding road communications either to Bangladesh or to India in transporting goods from other Asian countries like Thailand, China. #