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Long-term jail sentenced to 11 NLD members by Burma military government

Dhaka, April 29: Recently Burmaís military government has sentenced long-term jail to 11 members of National League for Democracy. 

In a report issued by Assistance Association for Political Prisoners of Burma  (AAPP) dated 28th April 2004, said 11 members of NLD have been sentenced to such long term jail on 9th April by a special tribunal set up inside the Aofoe prison under Mandalay division.

The prisoners were sentenced jail ranging from 7 years to 22 years respectively, the report said.

Those 11 NLD members were falsely accused and arrested in connection with Depayin incident where 70 people were killed when a group of thugs backed by SPDC military government tried to attack NLD leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in her organizational trip to northern part of Burma on 30th May 2003

The arrestees were accused of maintaining relationship with illegal organizations, under emergency act 5 (Nya) sections 17(1) and in a brief trial they were awarded such punishment. The prisoners were deprived of right to appoint any advocate or legal aides, the report added.

SPDC military government has been making arrest of many political activists along with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi since May 30 incident and sending many of them to prison awarding long-term jail.

The 11 prisoners were jailed just before a month for holding National Convention, it was learnt.

The 11 people and their respective jail terms are: (1) U Hla Saw of Mandalay, 17years (2) U Myint Oo of Mandalay, 7 years (3) Daw Nhin Pa Pa of Mandalay, 17 years (4) Maung Aung Naing Thu of Mandalay, 12 years (5) Ko Aung Aung of Mandalay, 7 years (6) U Win Kyi of Mandalay ( layway), 22 years (7) Ko Thay Lwin Oo of Mandalay, 7 years (8)U Than Win of Rangoon, 12 years (9) Ko Ray Tun Min of Rangoon, 12 years (10) U Tin Oo of Rangoon, 12 years and (11) Ko Zaw Min Naing of Rangoon, 12 years. #