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A young teacher died at Nasaka interrogation camp. Security on high alert

Maungdaw, May 2:
A young religious Muslim teacher was died in interrogation camp after he was arrested by Nasaka, Burma Border Security Force at Maung Daw in Arakan state.

Now security is put to high alert in the area as a precaution measure against unsatisfied sentiment in Muslim community therein, as observed by the authority, reports our correspondent.

The young man died was known as Moulavi Sayed Ahmed (35). He was died on 21st April in Ngakhura, Nasaka area No-5 headquarters under the Maung Daw Township.

He was arrested along with 3 other Muslim men from Longdo Muslim religious school on 1st April and was accused of having secret relationship with Muslim rebel groups and with their help he was on the mission of establishing illegal Islamic institutions.

According to their relatives before his death he was cruelly interrogated by Nasaka, his tongue and sex organ were brutally damaged by them.

The death body of young man was handed over to his relatives on the day he died.

The other three arrestees were set free on 22 April showing ground of having no guiltily. 

In 1994 more than 1000 Muslims were believed to be killed in military interrogation camps those who were arrested by Burmese Army during the counter operation against Rohingya Solidarity Organization, RSO, a Muslim rebels group, in Buthidaung-Maung Daw area, said an unauthentic source. #