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Pesticides for prawns: Arakanese invention leading to extinction of shell animals

Akyab, May 4
: Arakanese people throughout the state are “stealing” fish by using pesticide, since it is not possible to catch the fish legally from the rivers and lakes, according to our correspondent. 

The use of pesticide is threatening the existence of crustaceans, such as prawn and crab.  Though pesticides are not killing the large fish species, young and small fish species are suffering, and the shell animals are affected the worst.

Shwe Marlar and Shwe Ciper brands of pesticide are intended for agriculture, but they have been widely used for the quick killing of fish in the waters of Mrauk Oo, Kyauk Taw, Min Bya, Pauk Taw and Palat Wa.

People are turning to such drastic measures because ordinary citizens are not allowed to take fish, prawn or anything from the rivers, creeks and lakes.

All these were contracted out to businessmen who have large amounts of cash. This privatisation of natural resources has hit hard on the daily life of ordinary fishermen whose family lives depend upon the daily catch. 

If such ordinary people wanted to catch fish, they have to pay 500 to 1000 kyats, depending upon the size of the net to the private operators of the waterways.

The pesticides are put in streams in the upper parts of the rivers’ catchment areas.  This leads to the death of shell animals and small fishes lower down the river, where they wash up so that they can be picked out of the water. 

The use of pesticide may cause severe health problems to the people and grave environmental degradation.#

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