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student condemns the SPDC’s education system

Akyab, May 5
: The ruling State Peace and Development Council’s (SPDC) international claim that it is focussing on the educational development of students living in the border areas is a lie, said a newly exiled Arakanese student in Bangladesh

He fled to Bangladesh after he graduated from Akyab University in Physics. The SPDC’s procedures are badly organised, said the student, Saw Bhone Tun

There are less than a thousand students in Sittwe (Akyab) University, and there are no more than five Master students.  “Graduating five Master students in a year is not development, but regression,” he claimed.

In the government newspapers and state television the SPDC is claming that there is a high standard of education, and that there are computers at universities and courses in computer related subjects.  However, at Akyab Universtiy, computer related subjects are rote learned from books, and no computers are allowed to be used except by Computer Science students.  In addition, Computer Science students can use computers for no more than two days a week, and no more than two hours on each of those days.

Though it has been opened for a while, Akyab University could not provide accommodation for the students from other parts of Arakan.  These students have to find their own accommodation and it is costing them around 30,000 kyats a month.  This is about three times the income of an average civil servant.

An academic year lasts only about four months, and most students have to take private tuition from the teachers.  Fees for tuition is about 15,000 kyats a month, and the teachers guarantee to pass every student who take up the tuition, says Saw Bhone Tun.

Since SPDC’s education is in such disarray, most students do not have faith in the education system.  People have a view that working is better than studying, therefore parents are not encouraging their children’s education.#

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