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Residents forcibly shifted to new plots undergoing inhumane suffering



Akyab, May 17: The people about 20,000 who were forcibly shifted in late1990 by SPDC Burma military government to new plots outside Akyab, the capital of Arkan, in the name of reconstruction and modernization of the city, now are undergoing untold inhumane suffering living without supply of electricity and water, learnt from a resident living there.


It is 10 years over, the people who are residing in newly allotted area are deprived of all the civic facilities like electricity, water, street, link roads, health complex etc.


“Military Government promised of all the facilities of a modern town while they have been removing the families from downtown area to present plots. But yet to be implemented by the government “said a teacher from the new town.


“ We have to dug wells ourselves, they were made with bare hands, you can say. Water is not pure enough. But we have to live there anyhow”, said a dweller therein adding, “there is no electricity at all and no one to take responsibility regarding these basic needs. We the people of so-called new town are suffering too much. “


The new residential areas are known as Byinpru Rwa and Mingan, 10-kilometer distance from Akyab down town.


“We don’t know whether Akyab became modern city or not, in reality, the people forcefully shifted to new plots have no light, water, roads, clinic. In rainy seasons it is a land of water, in summer country of dust, in winter the kingdom of mosquitoes, such is our suffering, but who care”, said the same schoolteacher. #