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ANC strongly protests against National Convention


Dhaka, May 17: Arakan National council (ANC) in a statement expressed their opinion about the SPDC National Convention that is going to be held today (May 17) as will not bring any benefit to the people of Burma.


In the statement issued by ANC on 15th May said, by this convention the military junta is only trying to stay longer in power and lengthen its rule.


It said in convention nobody would have the opportunity to talk freely, because SPDC government has already imposed act 5/96 under which the government shall have the right to arrest anyone who would go against the convention policy already laid.


Because of using force and strength the convention could not be just and fair. On the other hand many of the true peoplesí leaders are not going to attend the convention, says the statement.


Therefore, it (ANC) does not believe that the convention or the conveners are not on real road to democracy or human right.


In the statement they expressed their firm resolve to undergo a greater struggle against SPDC government and they have expressed their solidarity with other oppositions political parties and ethnic groups in Burma.


At the end of the statement they demanded for release of all political prisoners including Daw Aug San Suu Kyi and requested all opposition parties in home and abroad to protest against this fake convention going to be held by Burma military junta.


ANC is the main umbrella organization of Arakan nationals comprising of many other Arakanese political parties and individuals that includes Arakan leagues for Democracy (ALD), National United Party of Arakan (NUPA), Arakan Liberation Party (ALP), Democratic Party of Arakan (DPA) and All Arakan Students and Youths Congress (AASYC).#