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The city walls of ancient Arakanese City: Dainyawaddy unearthed


Akyab, May 20: A SPDC sponsored archeological dig unearthed both outer and

inner walls of the Dainya Waddy city in Arakan state, in west Burma.


The remains of Dainya Wadday lay 300 yards south of Mahamuni Buddhist Temple in

Kyawk Taw Township. 


According to the Arakanese chronicle, the ancient city existed between 3,325 BC

and 326 AD.  The archeologists only dug 3 feet into the ground to reveal about

200 yards of the east-west double wall of the ancient city.


According to a monk who has visited the site, the east-west city wall could be

about 3 miles long, but the dig has not finished yet.


Even though the Burmese Archeological Department is doing the dig as part of a

program, it is not a systematic archeological survey.  Local residents are

asked to do the digging, and this could lead to the ancient artifacts been



A Similar program of archeological excavation in Arakan was conducted on the

site of Way Tha Lee City (Vasali existed between 327-818 AD), between 1979 and

1984.  From this dig many artifacts including gold and silver coins, city

walls, and foundations of a monastery, a 3,500 square feet building, and some

stone inscriptions were found.#


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