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Yesterday’s cyclone damaged Akyab city immensely



Akyab, May 20: The cyclone that hit Akyab yesterday damaged huge of the city, says our correspondent.


Contacted over telephone by Narinjara News Agency a local resident said, “The cyclone sank ships, launches, many motor boats and sinking foreign-ships could not be ruled out.”


Many residential houses, godowns have been totally damaged along with the infrastructures of ports. Especially wooden and corrugated iron sheet roofed houses were destroyed by the cyclone.


Sinking of “Shweli” steamer is confirmed by the local resident. Rice market of Akyab is also damaged.


Loss of life and property in and around Akyab is still could not be confirmed, said the same resident.


The government could not yet start its rescue work centrally, but local people and authority began their rescue activities, says our reporter.


People believed that the storm could have speed of 100 miles per hour. #



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