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Two New Year celebrations in one Year



Maungdaw, May 21: The Military Junta staged the second Arakanese Thygran Festival (New Year) in Maung Daw, from 13th to the 17th of May.



The New Year celebration was already finished on the 17th of April, it started from the 13th. Having a second celebration is against the Arakanese tradition. The locals of Maung Daw were surprised to see the water festival again, which is part of the New Year celebration, just a month after the real event.



A local says: “It is said that Aloo Daw Pyae (Wish Fulfilling) Sayadaw Venerable U Ariya Wantha had a bad dream. Sayadaw is the Buddhist monk worshipped by the Generals of the Junta. Interpretation of the dream revealed that a great danger will dawn upon the SPDC during this year. To counter such fate, the second New Year celebration was arranged as part of Yattara (mechanism of fate change).



The SPDC authority ordered the local communities to set up a marquee each and the local population to participate in the Water Festival. A Marquee was reimbursed with 50,000 kyats.



According to the Arakanese Calender, there are two Targu months in some years. In these years, it is only during the first Targu month that a New Year Celebration occurs in Arakanese Tradition. The local Arakanese communities are really concerned over these acts, which go against their tradition.



Sayadaw Arya Wantha is known as the personal monk of Junta’s Prime Minister Khin Nyunt, and he is from Maung Daw.  His paganistic beliefs and rituals are common to central Burma. #




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