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For reason unknown 30 Arakanese detained in Kawthaung


Kawthaung, May 25: The reason of arrest of about 30 Arakanese in Kawthaung, most southern Burmese town bordering Thailand, is still unknown, an Arakanese from Ranoung said over the phone yesterday.


The arrest has been started in the town since last week and the town authorities are still searching for Arakanese living there in order to arrest.


 Most arrested are ordinary fishermen and they have been working there for several years.


Of them, 5 were arrested in Kowthaung airport on May 19 who were returning from Thailand. Burmese intelligent official in the airport also seized all their belongings including cash money and passports from them, the source said.


According to today’s report from Ranoung, some were released from police camp on anticipatory bail and each person has to give amount 70,000 kyats to town authority for granting anticipatory bail.


Now Arakanese who are living in Kawthaung are in fear of arrest by police and some are hiding in abandoned place in outside the town. 


At least 20,000 Arakanese people are now working at Thailand  Burma border area and they have left Arakan looking for work since Burma military seizure of state power in 1988. #


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