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Na Sa Ka Announces 5 Year Jail Terms for Illegal Expat Workers


Maung Daw, June 9:  Burmese authorities have announced that people returning to their native lands after working in foreign countries will receive at least 5 years in jail, reports our correspondent from the border area.


Though officially not available, the news of this announcement is common over the Bangladesh-Burma border area, it was learnt.


Due to this news, many Burmese Muslims of Bu-thee-daung and Maung-daw who returned from Middle Eastern Countries dare not enter Burma. They have become stranded in Bangladesh and are spending their days in great worry.


In previous days, illegal workers who worked in Middle Eastern Countries could peacefully return to their residences by paying kyat 2 million each to the Na Sa Ka authority, said the sources.


Burmese Muslims living at the Bu-thee-daung and Maung-daw areas of Burma often come to Bangladesh looking to find work in foreign countries using Bangladeshi passports.


Nearly 20 thousand Burmese Muslims holding Bangladeshi passports are now working in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan and Malaysia, it is said.


In the same way that Burmese Muslims of Arakan State are getting richer by working in foreign countries, the Na Sa Ka officials are also making huge sums of money from these expatriate Burmese Muslims. #



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