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Private orchards make way for the government’s teak plantations

Ponna Kyun, June 11
: Privately owned orchards in Ponna Kyun, in the State of Arakan are being destroyed to make way for the state owned teak plantations, according to our correspondent.

These plantations are part of the junta’s drive to swell the military junta’s coffer.

The orchards covered more than (1000) acres; most of them were mango plantations.

The orchard owners did not receive any compensation for their property.  Most of the local population lives on the mango produce, and the teak plantation will hurt people’s livelihood.

“We are told to cut down our trees in the orchards.  In the place of the trees, they will put in teak trees.  We lost our trees as well as land.  But not a single cent was given to us for our losses,” said a local orchard farmer from Yow Ngoo village.

Yow Ngoo, Thar Rat Cho, Pan Nee Lar, Kran Khaung, Taut Tae, Tai Sone, Wa Chain Gyaa, Aung Than Ra, Soan Thame Gree, Soan Thame Chay, Mrra Thout, Ngaung Chonee, Sonuee Kan, Yow Ta Yout, and Kan Soutt villages are affected by the Junta’s push for the expansion of the teak plantations. All villagers are under the Ponna kyun Township.

The Junta’s personnel are grabbing land from ordinary people throughout the State without giving any compensation or providing them with alternative means of earning a living.  This is causing a severe degradation in people’s standard of living as farmers are turned into beggars.#

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