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Houses built for 130 newly arriving settler families

Maung-daw, June 15:
The Na-Sa-Ka border security force of Burma has since May 29th taken initiatives to build houses for 130 new settler families who are arriving soon from central Burma to the Maung-daw Township area, reports our correspondent.

The houses are being built near Aung Mingla village under the stern directives of the Na-Sa-Ka acting commander, Lieutenant Colonel Myint Oo.

Around 250 villagers living near the construction site have been used as forced labourers. Most of them are farmers. Nearby villagers said that the labourers are told they must postpone their own agricultural business to work without any payment in house construction for the settlers.

Under the construction scheme, these labourers will be building houses, a monastery, a school, a dispensary, and a meditation centre, along with digging several ponds and wells.

The new villages are being built at the vacant places from where more than 200 Rakhine villages were evacuated during the period of the 1942 Rakhine-Muslim conflict, reports say.

Local people are feeling great anxiety. According to one villager, “Among the settlers there are many people with problems. Some are drug addicts, ex-convicts, retired military men and floating people from central Burma and around Yangon.” 

The 260 acres of land promised to the settlers is also up for grabs under a hot requisition process by the combined departments of land, forestry, agriculture and police.

At present there are about 20 newly built villages for settlers locally known as Na-Ta-La village under the Buthee-Daung, Maung-daw, and Rathi-daung Townships in the northern part of Arakan. #

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