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Akyab police without salary for one year


Akyab, June 24: For more than one year, Akyab police have not been receiving their salary, according to a policeman of the Mro-Ma police station.


One policeman said the authorities are unable to pay police salaries because the money was already spent on entertainment for high-ranking central officials on their visit to Arakan state.


“Our salary was spent on entertainment when Prime Minister Khin Nyunt and Daw Khin Win Shwe and their party came to visit Arakan. That’s why our salary has been suspended. We have been without salary for nearly one year. High officials are threatening us with jail if we disclose this non-payment to anyone. No one has dared to speak out about the situation,” said the same policeman.


“After repeated requests, they pay us a little money from the main fund, which is not enough to totally cover the expenses for our families. Authority advise us to earn money by ourselves by any means we can,” he said.


Therefore, many police have depended upon the forced extraction of money from the people.


Requesting anonymity, the policeman told the reporter to send news to the RFA, BBC, VOA and to many other media agencies so the world can learn of their real situation.


Our informants said that non-payment of salary was not just in the Akyab police department, but is happening to police forces all over Arakan state. #


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