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Gamblers Bet Kyat 20 Million a Day on Euro Soccer


Akyab, June 25: People have been staking about kyat 20 million per day on Euro Championship Football 2004 in Akyab, the state capital of Arakan, said a master on Euro Football 2004.


An eyewitness said that, in Akyab, there are two main gambling houses on Euro Football 2004, where people can bet from kyat 5,000 to as much as they like.


In Akyab, anyone can participate in gambling with any amount of money he wishes. Anyone can buy tickets sitting at home or from wherever one likes. “You will get a ticket as acknowledgement if you participate in the gambling, like the one you will have when you buy a government run state lottery ticket,” said the source.


One can get prize money in two ways: on the basis of a win or a loss, or on the number of goals. Rangoon’s main gambling house daily distributes the series of matches to be gambled upon.


“As an example, in the case of the match between England and France, they stake on the basis of a loss and a win, as they are almost equally strong in football. But on matches between weaker and stronger teams, people stake or gamble on the basis of the number of goals,” he continued.


In Sittwe, the famous gambling house on Euro football is the Kwine-Thee gambling house, run by officers of intelligence and the police department. They are also the best sellers of tickets, it was learnt.


In Burma, Arakan state has been suffering the worst from the unemployment crisis and slumping economic trends. As such, people in the state are absorbed into various types of gambling out of frustration, reported our correspondent.


The gambling continues despite the official ban on football betting declared by state authorities. # 


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