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Tuition Increases Lead to Decreased Enrollment in Arakan


Akyab, June 29: Enrollment rates in different schools declined sharply in Arakan state this year due to increased educational expenses, reported our correspondent.


Under the present education system, admission fees for junior high school students are kyat 7000, primary school fees are kyat 4000, and transfer admission fees are kyat 10,000.


Still, these fees do not include the cost of books and other materials, said the source.


An aggrieved parent told this reporter that, at Akyab high school number two, admission fees are kyat 7,000 per student. Besides, we have to donate money to the school fund. In addition to that, we have to pay for books and other educational materials.


Because of this situation, the source added, the number of new student enrollments is decreasing and the number of dropouts is increasing all over Arakan state. Educational conditions in rural areas are rather worse.


An education officer of the education department in Akyab said, because education has become very expensive, parents cannot pay and school attendance rates are coming down. In the government primary school of the Kathi Wra quarter in Akyab, students attend school at an orphanage because government-run schools are too expensive.


One teacher told us that one month after the reopening of schools after summer vacation, the township education officer served a notice to teachers demanding an explanation regarding the lack of student attendance. Teachers could not give an explanation.


The education department is trying to increase school attendance by posting advertisements to inform parents that enrollment day is Saturday. #


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