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SPDC Changes Enemies in Military Training Lectures


Akyab, June 30: The Burmese military authority has changed the aim of their “fighting and organising” military training courses from one of slandering Aung San Suu Kyi and other National League for Democracy leaders to one of attacking America and Western influence.


The purpose of the training is to defend Burma against an American invasion and to cultivate an anti-American spirit in its officials, according to a local who is linked to the military personnel in the Arakanese capital of Akyab.


The training consists of anti-American lectures, and encourages participants to commit suicide bombings if American forces should invade Burma.


In the training, organisers praise the Iraqi insurgents who have given up their lives in suicide attacks and ask trainees to follow the patriotic example they set. Trainees are told that Iraqis embody real patriotism, that of people giving up their lives for their country.


One attendant told Narinjara correspondent that training lasts one month and that everyone from sergeant level personnel up to low-ranking official participates. Attendees come from the departments of Immigration, Taxation, Military and Police.


The military authority has been conducting the military training courses at the regional headquarters of Akyab, the capital of Arakan state for many years. #


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