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Western English Film Prohibited in Akyab


Akyab, July 1: Local government authorities of Akyab have forbidden the showing of western films in video show houses in Akyab, said our reporter.


Arakan is the poorest state of Burma; as such, families of Arakan state cannot buy television sets for their own homes. Thus, they go to video show houses whenever they want to see new films.


The video showing house belongs to the wealthy people and audiences have to buy a ticket of about 200 kyat for entertainment fees from the owner.


In Akyab, 75% of the town’s people depend on video showing houses to watch new films, but they have no chance to watch foreign films.


A resident of Akyab said, " All foreign films, especially English and American, have been prohibited by the government authority." He added that the prohibition of western films is intended to promote Burmese films among the non-Burman Arakanese people.


The government authority has also threatened the video owners to cancel all licenses issued by the local government authority if anyone shows foreign films in their house.


Most video showing house owners cannot follow the government order due to the loss of income from showing only Burmese films.


Now video house owners have to bribe intelligence department agents and the local police to show western films covertly while putting posters for Burmese films in front of the gate of video houses, reports our correspondent.


A prominent Arakanese young man who fled to Bangladesh recently said such prohibition western films and promotion of Burmese films is a part of an ethnic assimilation program. #


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