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An Arakanese Youth Political Activist Arrives in Bangladesh


Dhaka, July 3: Last week an Arakanese youth pro-democracy political activists of Burma fled Bangladesh to avoid persecution by the Burmese military government.


He had been under close watch by military intelligence since his assignment to work on Aung San Suu Kyi’s security team during her last year visit to Arakan State. Besides, he participated in a reception program leading his party members from Akyab with the people of Ponna Kyuan, a township 20 miles away from Akyab, our source said.


His name is Ko Nine Nine and he was arrested by the SPDC government for involvement with the 1988 people’s uprising. He had been tortured by MI (military intelligence) for seven days in a MI interrogation cell of Akyab and hospitalized for 3 months in jail. After three years, he was freed from jail, as authorities had no specific offence to charge him with. Among nine arrestees altogether with him, eight were sentenced to death.


As he used to walk in Akyab wearing a T-shirt with Aung San Suu Kyi’s photograph, he was accused of criminal activities by MI because of his democratic activities.


Ko Nine Nine was fired from his job in shrimp exporting company in the face of threats by MI. After that, no one dared employ him.


Answering a Narinjara reporter’s questions, Ko Nine Nine said, “military intelligence officers are in close watch on us, as we have led other political activists in Arakan. We were assigned with the duty of providing security to Aung San Suu Kyi on her visit to Arakan state and we arranged a big reception for her in a festive manner. They watch our movements. I waited for better days from a political point of view, but the situation is deteriorating day by day. The military junta is becoming more and more furious and brutal to political activists, even to common people. The government has become more merciless since the Dipayin incident. Soon after Dipayin, a policeman by the name of Kyaw Kyaw called me to the police station and took my photograph and biography. Later they assigned someone to watch my movement. At the same time, they shut down all NLD offices in Akyab and they imposed a ban on the movement of members of the National League for Democracy.”


He added, “They took more repressive measure towards political workers of Akyab. They confiscated the car owned by the Chairman of the Akyab Township chapter of the NLD without any reason. Since the start of the national convention, the political situation is worsening. We can’t do anything. If we show any political activities, jail is the only sure thing for us. Akyab is in fact a small town not enough to make any political movement. I left my country in order to participate in democratic movements from a foreign land.”


Ko Nine Nine brought with him a video tape of Suu Kyi’s visit to Arakan and some important papers,” a source said.


According to Ko Nine Nine, though the SPDC government is claiming to the world that it has been heading towards democracy, in reality, they are destroying democratic institutions and trampling the political activities. The SPDC is brutally suppressing political activists, the members of the NLD and other political parties of Arakan. #  


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