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Only one oxygen cylinder for Akyab hospital


Akyab, July 7: According to our correspondent, there is only one oxygen-giving device in Akyab general hospital in Arakan State.


The hospital is the biggest hospital in Arakan State with 300 beds, but it has only one oxygen-giving device until now.


According to relatives a female patient from Sabrain Village of Pauk Taw Township died in the hospital recently due to the disconnecting of the oxygen device which was attached to her breathing system, because doctors had taken away the device for another patient.


“The woman is our relative. Her oxygen device had been removed by the doctors in our absence, saying they need the device for another emergency patient. The woman died as soon as the device was removed” the story was told to this reporter who came to Bangladesh some days ago.


“The woman was poor and born in a rural area. Her device was disconnected to give oxygen to another patient who is wealthy and from the city” he added.


With the situation being as it is, one patient always has to suffer, even die, if two critical patients brought to hospital at the same time are in need of the oxygen device. In this case, the poor patients suffer the worst.


Doctors of Akyab hospital prefer to look after the wealthy patients and neglect the poor ones, said the reporter.


The patients of Akyab hospital have to pay charges for the treatment, medicine and for using a bed and toilet for themselves and for their attendants. Further they have to pay a fee to the concerning authority at their arrival to the hospital from another place, it is said. #


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