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The only Internet Café too expensive for ordinary Akyabians


Akyab, July 8: Although Burmese Military Junta claims to put a great endeavor to make Burma into a modern advance nation; many ordinary people do not have a proper Internet access. In Arakan State, there has been only one Internet Café, only in Akyab, the capital of the state.


This is the first and the only Internet Café, and it is called Informatics’ Center. It is a subscriber of Pagan Cyber Café. Pagan-net controls the flow of emails and hence freedom of information and privacy are extremely limited.


Informatics’ Center charges 1,500 kyats an hour, which is the equivalent of the half of the monthly minimum wage.


Due to its high price, even the well-to-do people cannot use the Internet. University students do not know about Internet and email communication, not only because of the price but also because of the over-restriction of the military junta. Of 4 million in Arakan state, not even one percent has ever used Internet.


Internet has been widely available through out the world, but people of Arakan have only one Internet café.


A university student from Akyab comments that he is doubtful on the government propaganda that SPDC is trying to take Burma into a developed country. #


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