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For Laying Memorial wreath for 19 July without independent monument

Pauk Taw, July 19: Today is the 57th anniversary of a martyr’s day to commemorate General Aung san and other national leaders who fell on 19th of July 1947.

However, there is not an independent monument for laying a memorial wreath by town people of Pauk Taw Township.  The Burma Intelligence Unite, under the MI-10, confiscated the ground of the Independence Monument and sold it to local businessmen for construction of stores and shops.

According to a youth from Pauk Taw, Sergeant Maung Phone, who is in charge of Pauk Taw Township Intelligence Unite, had sold all of the stores to local businessmen in the last year, with the worth of one store being one million Kyat.

The Independence Monument used to be seen from everywhere but now it is impossible to see it from out of the town, with the stores blocking it from view, said a source.

The source added that although the monument was not destroyed by the Intelligent Unite, there is not a path going to the monument, where rubbish and garbage scattered with excrement are not prevalent.

“You can see the office belonging to MI nearby the Independent Monument Square, how much it is neat and clean. How much is spent for their house and different with the Independent Monument. What is the nationalism of SPDC’s officials?” he asked our office by phone yesterday. 

Pauk Taw is 20 miles east of Akyab, the capital of Arakan State, where the Intelligent Unite is more active then another parts of Arakan because they can look for more funds for the government treasure from local shrimp farms and smuggling agents, source said. #

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