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List of landmine deaths on Bangladesh-Burma border

Cox’s Bazar, July 20
: A Bangladesh local authority has been collecting the names of people killed by landmines that had been planted by the Burmese army, said a report of the daily Saiket, a Cox’sbazar district base newspaper, on July 17.

The number of deaths from landmines in the Bangladesh territory increases, day by day, which has necessitated the collecting of names for this list.

According to present record, 16 people have been killed by landmines on the Bangladesh side so far. The paper also mentioned those victims’ names, ages and address.

Most of the victims were woodcutters and farmers, who were killed in landmine explosions while they were working in the deep forest of the border area.

The paper said that the Burmese army has planted landmines in the border-area since 1997 and they continue to do so today.

The landmines have also killed a number of wild animals, but it is impossible to collect of a list of those animals, said the paper. #

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