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Confiscation of farms by army continues 

Akyab, July 21
: People’s land beside the Akyab- Rangoon motor road continues to be confiscated by the Burmese army for army-owned teak plantations, reports our correspondent.

A villager from Yota yoke village said, “ About 50 yards of land were confiscated on the Kyuk Taw- Ponna Guan roadside which is located on the Akyab-Rangoon road, but people could not get any compensation from the army.”

Most confiscated lands are paddy farms but there are also many fruit gardens belonging to Arakanese people who earn their living from the gardens.

At present the army is demolishing all trees and houses by bulldozer on the confiscated lands. The plantation of teak will start within this rainy season, said a farmer.

In the last three months, SPDC military government has confiscated more than 1000 acres for new government teak plantations.  Most of the confiscated land was mango plantations belonging to villagers of Yoo Ngoo, Thrat Cho, Panilar, Kran Khaun, Taut Tae, Tai Sone, Mraa thout, Yota yoke and Kan Soutt under the Ponna Gunt Township

In Arakan state, 90 per cent of people are farmers and their lives depend on the agriculture sector.

The local authorities do not allow any foreigners to use the road by car since they are afraid of this news story being picked up by foreigners, said another source. #

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