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A woman may get a 3 years imprisonment for the construction of a house on her own land 

Akyab, July 22
: A woman, Ma Tha Nu from Akyab city, has been facing a lawsuit in district court, for constructing a house on her own land, said a lawyer from Akyab.

Ma the Nu was detained by police in February of this year, on Lieutenant Cornel Maung Oo’s order, as she was building a one story building on her land.

Lieutenant Cornel Maung Oo is a chairman of Arakan State who has not allowed the construction of any building on the said plot.

The plot is located at the Kondam quarter of Akyab, and had been confiscated by government authority from Ma Tha Nu’s family, for the Burma Oil Company, in General  Ne Win’s era.

After the SPDC came to power, the military government returned some confiscated lands, by the previous government authority, to concerning owners.

Ma Tha Nu had received the plot back from the government, but the Lieutenant Cornel Maung Oo has not allowed for any building to be constructed on the land.

She went to Rangoon in the end of last year, to plead her case to a high-ranking official. After some time, she finally got permission from the official for her family to be allowed to build a house on the plot.

During the construction of the house, the Akyab Municipal erected a signboard, stating the official permission, in front of the Ma Tha Nu house compound.

One day, while Lieutenant Cornel Maung Oo was crossing that area, he saw the construction of the house. He then ordered the authority to arrest Ma Tha Nu and to have her tried in court.

Since then Ma Tha Nu has been pleading her court case from the Akyab jail, having not been granted bail.

“She may get 3 years imprisonment when the court will sentence above her case in the next week because Lieutenant Cornel Maung Oo pressured to the court authority to sentence at last 3 year imprisonment to her due to against his order,” the court’s prosecuting lawyer added. #

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