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Government’s Tax on Motorbikes in Arakan Skyrocketing This Year

Akyab, July 23:
Taxes on motorbikes, imposed by The Burma Military authority, are skyrocketing this year.

“The tax on motorbikes is so high this year that people can not afford to pay the government” said a motorbike owner.

He added that the new tax has frightened many motorbike owners in Arakan since the tax is equivalent to 10 per cent of the purchasing price.

The rates of the new government tax are as follows; 150,000 kyat on a motorbike worth more than one million kyat, 100,500 kyat on a 700,000 kyat motorbike, 75,000 kyat on a 500,000 kyat motorbike and 50,000 kyat on a 300,000 kyat motorbike.

The Authority began collecting the new tax the first week of this month and Western Military Command is directly monitoring the tax collection of motorbike owners.

As the tax is now so high, people are not willing to ride their bikes anymore and many are even attempting to sell their motorbikes.

The government tax on motorbikes is just another tragedy affecting the people of Arakan this year. Many people lost their property to the cyclones that struck the state earlier this year. #

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