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Fake Beverage Products From Army Compound in Akyab

Akyab, July 27
: Imitation alcohol and fruit juice products are being produced on the Light Infantry Battalion No 20 Headquarters Compound, which is based in Akyab.

In the past, the fake alcohol and fruit juice were made in Sanpra Wra Quarter’s factory in Akyab, but the operation was moved to the army compound last year after it was raided by the Akyab police.

Akyab police had arrested U Win Nyunt, a local businessman, at that time, but he was later released after the payment of a small bribe. It is thought that the Union Solidarity Development Association (USDA) Arakan State General Secretary is directly involved in the production.

Since the factory has moved to the army headquarters, the quantity of products has increased to those greater than in any previous period.

Apparently, there are two kinds of imitation alcohol being produced, Johnnie Walker and Army Rum, and one fruit juice, C Plus Marker.

The imitation alcohol is made by a chemical process to give it color and odor, then it is mixed with BEDC liquor. For this reason, there are heath concerns for those that drink these products.

The beverages have been distributed all over Arakan State, as well as smuggled into Bangladesh.

The production operation at the army headquarter compound is now under supervision of the Union Solidarity Development Association (USDA), the Arakan State General Secretary, U Kyaw Yin, a local businessman, U Win Nyunt and some other high raking officials from LIB 20. #

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