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Japan Envoy Visits Northern Arakan

Maung Daw, July 31
: A Japanese envoy visited Northern Arakan from the 23rd to the 27th of July, according to our correspondent.

The envoy led by Masache O’ Jawa, Business attachée of the Japanese Embassy in Rangoon, also included Taka Hiro Susu Ki, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)’s regional representative to Burma as well as Choche Yo Ho Rekie, a chief engineer of JICA office in Cambodia.

The purpose of the foreign envoy's visit to Maung Daw was to inspect a damaged road that was constructed by the British government during the Second World War. The Japanese government may assist in the rebuilding of the road in the near future.

The road, which was severely damaged by both Japanese and British bombs during the war, is located between Aung Sit Prain and Taung Bro in the Maung Daw Township, near the Bangladesh/Burma border.

According to a source, Burma Military Prime Minister General Khin Nyunt recently requested that the Japanese government offer financial assistance for the rebuilding of the road.

Japan continues to offer foreign aid to Burma's Military government, in spite of the many Burmese opposition groups against such financial support.

The present Burmese Army descends from the early 1950's Japanese Fascist Army, who had previously invaded Burma, alongside the Burmese Army in the period between 1942-45. #

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