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Bangladesh finalizes revised proposal for gas pipeline

Dhaka, August 2: Bangladesh has finalised a revised proposal on the Trans-Burma -Tripura-Bangladesh gas pipeline for approval by it's Prime Minister, official sources said.

According to a report of yesterday’s financial Express, the Ministry of Power Energy and Mineral Resources of Bangladesh revised proposal was prepared following fresh offer by the Mohana Holdings Ltd. to install the pipeline under an international consortium after an earlier offer forwarded to the Prime Minister Khaleda Zia failed to get approval.

The summary of the new offer prepared by the ministry will be submitted to its Prime Minister shortly.

Under the new offer made by the Mohana, the international consortium is supposed to bear all the costs of installing the pipeline. The consortium will start working on the pipeline once the governments of all the three countries give consent to the offer.
The proposal said the government of Bangladesh could earn revenue for giving the right of way of the pipeline as well as from the gas to be transmitted through the pipeline as per the international rules.

The country could also benefit from employment opportunities that would be created in the process of installation of the pipeline, it said.

Management and protection of the pipeline would involve the state-run gas companies, such as the Gas Transmission Company Ltd. (GTCL), creating further scope for earning by the government.

The proposal also said the government could also use the pipeline for transmission of gas for the purpose of sales, purchase or distribution as and when necessary.

The ministry in its recommendation on the offer said the government should ensure that it gets the full right to use the pipeline for transmission of its own gas resource locally and internationally.

It also suggested that the proposed pipeline project is implemented making the maximum use of the country's existing road network and acquiring minimum amount of new land.

The government should also ensure that it gets the right to import gas, if necessary, from Burma and Tripura using the same pipeline, the ministry said.

It also said the management and protection of the pipeline should be given to the GTCL and the government should be consulted by the consortium company while determining the size of the pipeline.

The ministry said the government should ensure that it is informed of all the information on sources, buyers and sellers of the gas to be transmitted through the pipeline so that it can get sufficient inputs for estimating the financial benefit that could come out of the proposed pipeline.#

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