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Death rate in Akyab rising

August 4: The number of people dying in Akyab is increasing everyday, as many people cannot afford the expenses of treatment at the Akyab Central Government Hospital.

Previously, the average rate of death, in Akyab, was only one a day, but it has recently increased to over 4 a day, said a local social worker. He added that many people are not willing to utilize the services of the local hospital because they are unable to afford the high prices of treatment there.

According to a hospital list, a standard operation would cost a patient 70,000 Kyat, the charge for a child delivery is 70,000 Kyat, and a unit of blood costs 30,00 Kyat. An X- ray would cost a patient 1,000 Kyat for the electricity charges for five minutes and the film plat is another 3,000 Kyat, while a broken bone would cost a patient 7,0000 Kyat.

Many people in the region are so poor that visiting the hospital, even for minor problems, is out of the question, and some tragically have died of diseases that would normally be easily treated.

As the hospital does not even have medicine available to the patients that can actually afford treatment, those people are forced to spend even more money buying high priced drugs from outside sources.

Since the military governmentís nationalization of state entities, only 5% of Burmaís state budget is allocated to the Health Department. #

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