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UNHCR field officer complains to Nasaka for child labor use

Maungdaw, August 5
: UNHCR field officer has complained to the Nasaka Border Force Acting Commander, Myint Oo, for the wide use of child labor in Maungdaw Township, a town in Northern Arakan State.

The complaint reportedly came out in a meeting between Nasaka officials and a UNHCR field officer in the UNHCR field meeting room of Maungdaw, on 22 July.

According to our reporter, the UNHCR field officer, Ms Kyoko Yonizu, requested that the commander take action against the rampant use of child labor, in both the north and south of Maungdaw.

She did, however, praise the Nasaka commander for his recent action against the use of child labour in Buthidaung Township. Under his command, the use of child labor has almost ended in that township.

It is common, in the rainy season, for parents, who are busy with the ploughing of paddy farms, to send their children in their place when the local authority demands workers for labor projects.

Even though the Burmese Home Minister has ordered the cessation of forced labor in Burma, a number of local authorities have ignored that order and continue to use force labor in every township of the Arakan State, said a source in Kyaut Taw.

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