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Security tightened in Arakan as 8-8-88 anniversary nears

Akyab, August 6
: Military Western Command Authority has issued a directive to local administration, to increase security in their respective town areas with the anniversary of 8-8-88 approaching.

The directive was sent to the Burma Border Security Force (Nasaka), Military Operation Planning Unite (Sabaka), Regional Military Supervision Headquarters (Dhasaka) as well as local police forces, and state and township level administration.

The directive was issued by the Military Western Command at end of July.

According to the directive, township level authority must inform Western Commend Headquarters, by phone at least two times a day, of their area's current situation. The Front Line Army Outpost and Battalion Headquarters must also be in touch with the command by wireless radio at least 4 times a day.

At Akyab University and several government high schools in Akyab, security forces are not yet patrolling, but some intelligent informers are closely watching the situation at all education centers in Akyab, said a student.

In previous years, as the anniversary of 8-8-88 approached, the security forces had stationed at the Buragri compound, a famous Buddhist temple near downtown Akyab, for better security.

Akyab is not the only area of the country to see tightened security measures. The SPDC, (Burma's ruling military government), has increased security everywhere in Burma as the opposition's important indepence-related anniversary approaches.

The people's uprising in 1988 has become famous in many areas of the world, as it ended the Myanmar Socialist Programme, the one party system that was led by General Ne Win, who ruled Burma, with an iron fist, for over 30 years.#

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