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Working Committee for Democracy Restoration In Burma

Statement on the 16th anniversary of 8-8-88, Democracy Revolution

Today is the sacred and historic day of the 16th anniversary of 8-8-88, on which thousands of people, of many races, gave their blood and lives bravely fighting for the democracy of Burma. (BSPP government, people call military dictator.)

On that day, the people displayed their desire for Democracy and their feelings against the military government. For this reason, the anniversary of 8-8-88 is worthy of recognition as a noble day for Burma as well as the international community.

The essence of the people’s rebellion and the foundation of their spirit was to entirely abolish military rule, allowing for a real Democracy in Burma, which would guarantee basic human rights to it's citizens and grant equality among all of it's many races.

From the very foundation of this spirit, the Burmese people have continued to struggle violently for Democracy for the past sixteen years, as the power mad SPDC has turned a blind eye and continues to strive to live a long life as Burma's military king and has managed to maintain administration by holding an imitation convention with it's sycophants.

The SPDC dictators held a countrywide election in 1990 in hopes of winning the army supported party, the National Unity Party, however their ambition was not a success but rather a great loss. The army supported party won only ten constituencies over all of Burma.

On 30th May of 2003, the shameless SPDC participated in the now historic “DEPEYIN State Assassination”. They attempted to enable the movement of Aung San Suu Kyi and U Tin Oo, but they were not successful and are now considered murderers in international community. The SPDC has restarted the National Convention, which had been suspended since 1996, in hopes to maintain state power forever. Though they had tried, the National Convention has been stopped again due to objections from home as well as in the international community.

Now the SPDC does not know how to solve their problems and move forward. They are like a sink under the sea because they have not made any progress towards their aims.

Bad economic policies and the abuses of the power-mad generals have left countless citizens and army members all across Burma angry.

So today, on this 16th anniversary of 8-8-88, we are reminded by those noble spirits, that the fight continues until our victory is won and the power mad SPDC is gone forever.

Date-2004-August 8, 2004