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Burmese Junta shelters North East Indian rebels

Maung Daw, August 20: Rebels of North East India are allowed free access within the region of Maung-daw Township, in western Burma, despite the Burmese Military Junta's repeated assurance to the New Delhi government, of the non-existence of these Indian insurgents within the Burma territory, according to local sources.

I was really surprised to see some youths, not in Burmese military uniforms, but armed with the Chinese-made automatic guns, wandering around the Maung-daw market. Later I realized that they were Ka-tsay insurgents, said a resident of the area. The Assamese and Manipuri, of North East India, are called Ka-tsay in Arakanese.

It was learned that more than a hundred Indian insurgents are currently taking shelterin the region, and their number has increased after a Bhutan operation, to oust the Indian rebels, began last December.

A local businessman, who is involved in exchanging money with the insurgents, disclosed that there are also women among them and they are escorted by local military intelligence, MI-18, whenever they visit Maung-daw.

The military junta is, however, still reluctant to admit to New Delhis accusation of sheltering the insurgents, which was made after a deadly blast that killed 15 people, many of them children, during a celebration of the Indian Independence Day, in Assam State of northeastern India. #


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