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Rakhaing girl killed after rape


Cox’s Bazar, Sept 18: A Rakhaing girl was killed by miscreants after raping her in a village of Bangladesh on September 14.


Her old mother was also killed by miscreants, said a report.


Police and local sources said the miscreants entered the house in the area near Nayapara Rohingya Refugee camp and started raping her, Pru Pru chay (23).


When the mother of the girl Hla Shay (78) raised a hue and cry, the miscreants killed her. The miscreants suddenly killed the girl after raping her.


The cause of murder of the girl and her mother could not be known.


The village, Zadimura is located between Mrik Na Wra Rakhaing village and Tekaf town under the Cox'sbazar district of Bangladesh.


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