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DPA abducts two Bangladeshi men



Dhaka, September 19: Cadres of Democratic Party of Arakan (DPA) allegedly abducted two Bangladeshi people in a village of Chittagong hill tract in Bangladesh on September 18, according to the Daily Star's report yesterday.


The victims, identified as Adbul Khaleq and Siddiqur Rahmen were abducted from their fishery project located in Roangchhari Township of Bandaban ( Wradaw) district by a group of armed DPA men, the local sources said.


The incident was occurred after the victims refused to give the money, it added.


The relatives of the victims said they believed the abduction was made by DPA because the party demanded a huge amount of money from the two a few days before the incident. But no one has yet to contact them, they said.


The local authorities did not take any action against the criminals, who have been involved in abduction, murder and extortion in the area for long, the newspaper said.


It also said the criminals from Burma are associates with local criminals who provide shelter in the country.


The armed group was in renegade from National United Party of Arakan in 1995 and based in tri-junction area of Burma, India and Bangladesh. #