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A Bangladeshi newspaper blames the Burmese Junta for construction delays


Coxs Bazar, September 22: There is still no sign of a transnational highway between Burma and Bangladesh, despite the fact that construction should have started over a year ago. A Coxs Bazar, Bengali newspaper, the Daily Saikat recently blamed the Burmese junta for the delay.


Burma and Bangladesh agreed to start building the 133 kilometre-long highway between Ramu in the Coxs Bazar district of Bangladesh to Bolly Zee in Burma.  The construction period was supposed to start in 2003 and finish by 2008-9. However, there has not been any preparation form the Burmese government authority and hence the construction has not started.


Quoting a Bagladeshi government spokesperson, the paper reports that the Burmese Prime Minister General Khin Nyunt laid the foundation for the construction of the road during his April visit to Bangladesh.


However, the Burmese Construction Authority is giving excuses and the construction has not been able to start yet and this has jeopardised the future of the project.


The highway is supposed to stretch for 36 kilometres through the Bandraban District and Goung Done in Bangladesh, and then continue for a 97 kilometres through Burma. Road construction, including bridges is estimated to cost 6,053.2 million Bangladeshi Taka.


The Bangladeshi government agreed to fund the highway, but without the Burmese Authority's cooperation nothing can be achieved.


The newspaper also points out that a few months back a team of four Bangladeshi engineers had to return without any work done since their Burmese counterparts failed to show up to a meeting in Burma.


According to the Daily Saikat the broken promises and unhonored agreements prove that Burma is not really interested in the construction of the highway, and it is about time that the Bangladesh government learn its lesson.


According to the sources in the border area, the Burmese government wants to manage the finances contributed by the Bangladeshi government. The source for disagreement has been Bangladeshs refusal to allow the Burmese authority to control their money. The Bangladesh government is worried that the delay would blow up the cost of the construction, the paper reports. #




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