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Killing of police officer heightens tensions in northern Maung Daw


Maung Daw, September 24: Tensions between the locals and the authority are running high in the northern part of Maung Daw Township, in the northern part of Arakan, after the murder of a police officer, said a teacher from Maungdaw.


On the 2nd of September, a group of local Muslim villagers from the Thakan Nya village attacked a police office, Sub- inspector Ran Aung and Private Hla Myo. The two are from the Myawadee Post in the Region of Nasaka the border security of Maung Daw Township.


The villagers accused the two police officers for attempting to rape a girl from the village, who was attending the cattle. Sub-inspector Ran Aung was killed, and Hla Myo was seriously hurt. The uncle of the girl, Chowbe Allum was also seriously wounded since Ran Aung fired a shot into the crowd who were gathering to attack him, a police officer said in the area.


Due to Nasaka officials trying to arrest those assumed to be involved in the incident, schools, shops and even mosques have closed.


“No students come to schools. No one comes out to buy from the shops, and no one attends the mosques. Everyone is on edge, wandering what will happen next. We should close the school, since this is a very tense situation” says a school teacher.


The girl who was supposed to have been almost raped by the police officers, Amina Khatu (aged 13) and the Secretary of the Village Peace and Development Council, Nobee Hussein have fled from the region.


“People living in the areas guarded by this Myawadee Post are really scared and all fields are even left unattended. If there is something wrong, Nasaka officers punish whoever they think may be involved, whether they were really involved in it or not. That is why people don’t want to go outside,” said a villager.


Since Amina has run away, it is impossible to know whether the two police officers really tried to commit rape or not. However, Nasaka has arrested some people who were thought to have been involved in the killing of Ran Aung.


Last year, four police officers from Lonne Done were also killed for having sex with a Muslim prostitute, who herself was also decapitated. The culprits escaped to Bangladesh with a large quantity of arms and ammunitions.



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