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Trade gap between Bangladesh, Myanmar widens

October 5, 2004: The trade gap between Bangladesh and Myanmar has widened drastically since the 1997-98 fiscal year.


Previously, the export volume of Bangladesh to Myanmar was higher than that of the import. However since the 1997-98 fiscal year, Bangladesh has imported more goods from Myanmar than it has sent exports to that country.


According to information from the Export Promotion Bureau, the export and import ratio of Bangladesh and Myanmar was 1:0.90 in 1996-97 rising to 1:27.8 just a year later.


During 1996-97, Bangladesh exported goods valuing Taka 14, 73 Crore, to Myanmar and the imports from that country valued Taka 16.23 Crore.


However, just a year after in 1997-98, Bangladesh only exported goods worth Taka 6.26 crore to Myanmar, while the imports from Myanmar amounted to the much larger figure of Taka 38.88 Crore, bringing the ratio to 1:27.8.


Since 1997-98, the trade volume index between the two countries has consistently showed widening gaps. In the fiscal year of 1996-97, the trade volume ratio between the two countries was almost equal, was 1:1.95 in 1995-96, and was 1:1.79 in 1994-95.


In 1998-98, the export earnings of Bangladesh from Myanmar was only Taka 6.10 Crore, while the import expenditure was Taka 74.22 Crore in 1999-00, with export earnings of only Taka 3.00 Crore. In the fiscal year of 2000-01, the export earnings were Taka 5.88 Crore, while the import expenditure was Taka 133.26 crore. The year of 2001-02 saw export earnings of Taka 13.78 Crore, while the import expenditure was Taka 97.29 crore.


In the fiscal year of 2002-2003, Bangladesh exported Myanmar goods valued at Taka 5.7 Crore, while its imports from Myanmar amounted to Taka 151.3 Crore, resulting in a trade imbalance of Taka 145.6 Crore.


The volume of bilateral trade between the two countries over the last couple of years only further exemplifies the widening trade gap against Bangladesh.


The primary exports from Bangladesh to Myanmar are chemical products and knitwear.


On the other hand, it imports cereals, wood and wood products, wood charcoal, residues and waste from food industries, and ready-made animal fodder from Myanmar. #



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